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Title:6. AD and CVD orders in place
  • 1. What are five-year (sunset) reviews?
  • 2. How will reviews proceed?
  • 3. Sample five-year review questionnaires
  • 4. Aggregate five-year review status
  • 5. Institution schedule for and disposition of reviews
  • 6. AD and CVD orders in place
  • The Commission maintains a listing of AD and CVD orders currently in place in spreadsheet (Excel) format. Information on the "scope" of the products subject to orders may be found on the Department of Commerce web site at:

    For the Excel spreadsheet, which contains separate "sheets" for sorts by country, date of order, general product group, and tentative case grouping, as well as revocations since January 1, 2006, click on the following icon:

    [attachment "orders August 12 2010.xls" deleted by Mary Messer/OINV/USITC] orders June 9 2011.xls
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