OUII 337 Investigative History
Investigation No.337-TA-745
In the Matter of CertainWireless Communication Devices, Portable Music and Data Processing Devices, Computers and Components Thereof
Unfair Acts in Notice:Patent Infringement
Patent, Copyright, Trademark Nos.U.S. Patent Nos. 6,272,333; 6,246,862; 6,246,697; 5,359,317; 5,636,223; and 7,751,826
Country of Origin (Resp./Products):China
Complainant(s):Motorola Mobility, Inc., Libertyville, IL
Respondent(s):Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA
ALJ:Luckern; Pender
OUII Attorney:
GC Attorney:Valentine
Status before Commission: Completed
Notice of Investigation:75 Fed. Reg. 68619 (November 8, 2010)
Type(s) of Proceeding(s)Violation
Current Phase of Proceeding:terminated
Inv. Termination Date:April 22, 2013
Published Commission Opinions:
Related Court Decisions:
Appeal Status/Result:
Disposition:No Violation Found
Unfair Acts Found:
Notes Re: Disposition/Remedy:
Active/Expired Remedial Order:
Exclusion/C&D Orders:
Target Date:April 22, 2013 for remand proceeding (29 months), extended from August 24, 2012 (21 months) extended from August 23, 2012, extended from; 03.08.2012 (16 months)
Violation Final ID Due Date:April 24, 2012, extended from April 23, 2012
Remand ID: December 21, 2012
Beginning & Ending
Dates of Evidentary Hearing:
Hearing held: December 8-16, 2011; moved from 08.22-26.2011 (5 days scheduled) moved from 07.25-29.2011.

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