Inv. No.Status Investigation Title#
929PendingBeverage Brewing Capsules, Components Thereof, and Products1
928PendingWindshield Wipers and Components Thereof2
927PendingNoise Cancelling Headphones and Components Thereof3
926PendingMarine Sonar Imaging Systems, Products Containing the same, and4
925PendingCommunications or Computing Devices and Components Thereof5
924PendingLight Reflectors and Components, Packaging, and Related6
923PendingLoom Kits for Creating Linked Articles7
922PendingDevices Containing Non-Volatile Memory and Products Containing8
921PendingMarine Sonar Imaging Devices, Including Downscan and Sidescan9
920PendingIntegrated Circuits and Products Containing the Same10
919PendingArchery Products and Related Marketing Materials11
918PendingToner Cartridges and Components Thereof12
917Silicon Tuners and Products Containing Same, Including Television13
916PendingNon-Volatile Memory Chips and Products Containing the Same14
915PendingSet-Top Boxes, Gateways, Bridges, and Adapters and Components15
914PendingSulfentrazone, Sulfentrazone Compositions, and Processes for16
913PendingHemostatic Products and Components Thereof17
912PendingEarpiece Devices having Positioning and Retaining Structure and18
911PendingLithium Silicate Materials and Products Containing the Same19
910PendingTelevision Sets, Television Receivers, Television Tuners, and20
909PendingNon-Volatile Memory Devices and Products Containing Same
908PendingSoft-Edged Trampolines and Components Thereof22
907PendingVision-Based Driver Assistance System Cameras and Components23
906PendingStandard Cell Libraries, Products Containing or Made Using the24
905Wireless Devices, Including Mobile Phones and Tablets II25
904PendingAcousto-Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance Systems,26
903PendingAntivenom Compositions and Products Containing the Same27
902Windshield Wipers and Components Thereof28
901Handheld Magnifiers and Products Containing Same29
900PendingNavigation Products, Indluding GPS Devices, Navigation and30