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This page provides information about recent complaints filed with the USITC.
After the institution of an investigation, related information may be found in Federal Register notices.

Docket No.ReceivedTypeCommodity
302207/16/2014337 ComplaintCommunications or Computing Devices
302107/01/2014337 ComplaintLoom Kits for Creating Linked Articles
302006/27/2014337 ComplaintDevices Containing Non-Volatile Memory and Products
301906/20/2014337 ComplaintLight Reflectors and Components, Packaging, and Related Advertising
301806/09/2014337 ComplaintMarine Sonar Imaging Devices, Including Downscan and Sidescan Devices
301405/12/2014337 ComplaintIntegrated Circuits
301305/09/2014337 ComplaintArchery Products
301205/07/2014337 ComplaintToner Cartridges
301105/06/2014337 ComplaintSilicon Tuners and Products Containing Same, Including Television Tuners
301004/29/2014337 ComplaintNon-Volatile Memory Chips
300804/17/2014337 ComplaintSet-Top Boxes, Gateways, Bridges, and Adapters
300403/05/2014337 ComplaintSulfentrazone
300302/28/2014337 ComplaintHemostatic Products
300202/26/2013337 ComplaintEarpiece Devices having Positioning and Retaining Structure
300102/19/2014337 ComplaintLithium Silicate Materials
299901/28/2014337 ComplaintTelevision Sets, Television Receivers, Television Tuners, and Components
299712/30/2013337 ComplaintElectronic Hand-Held Pulse Massagers
299612/27/2013337 ComplaintNon-Volatile Memory Devices
299512/24/2013337 ComplaintSoft-Edged Trampolines
299412/23/2013337 ComplaintStandard Cell Libraries and Integrated Circuits
299312/23/2013337 ComplaintVision-Based Driver Assistance System Cameras
299212/18/2013337 ComplaintWireless Devices, including Mobile Phones and Tablets II
299012/11/2013337 ComplaintAcousto-Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
298910/30/2013337 ComplaintAntivenom Compositions
298710/21/2013337 ComplaintWindshield Wipers and Components Thereof
298409/26/2013337 ComplaintHandheld Magnifiers
298309/23/2013337 ComplaintNavigation Products, Including GPS Devices, Navigation and Display Systems, Radar Systems, Navigational Aids, Mapping Systems and Related Software
298209/20/2013337 ComplaintVision-Based Driver Assistance System Cameras
298109/20/2013337 ComplaintMarine Sonar Imaging Devices
297709/03/2013337 ComplaintOptical Disc Drives